Danny Paradise - River of the Soul
Danny Paradise
River Of The Soul

  • Searching For The Holy Grail
  • Himalayan Dawn
  • Now That the Shamans Have Planes
  • House Of Bamboo
  • Ye Rising Stars
  • Mr. Immagration man
  • Wat The Conference Of The Birds
  • River Of The Soul
  • Freedom Fighters
  • Bedouin Dream
  • Flexible
  • In Search Of The Dream People

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River of the Soul (CD/DVD) is a musical and cinematic journey through the remote regions of Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, Nepal and Hawaii. The awe-inspiring visuals are set to the music of Danny Paradise who is accompanied by Sting, Paul Simon, Edie Brickell and Chris Botti along with amazing world musicians. River of the Soul reveals the beauty of the local people, their mystical ceremonies and precious natural environments, while demonstrating the profound movements of Hatha yoga. The accompanying audio CD soundtrack offers the listener a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western sounds that invoke 1960’s folk music, the exotica of world music and the spirituality of a 21st century yogi.


“…a rare journey of diverse beauty and inspiration. Learn and enjoy!”



“Danny Paradise reflects his life through his music. An avid traveler, ashtanga yogi and teacher, his music tells the tales of mystical sunrises and houses made of bamboo. River of the Soul is organic, folky and interesting, with well-crafted circular melodies. Danny met his band while teaching Yoga in Nepal. Members from Nepal’s Karma and Prastar record six of the album’s tracks, accompanying Danny’s nylon string guitar with flute, violin, sitar and tablas. Other songs were recorded in Cairo with Dominic Miller, a multi-instrumentalist who works with Sting.

Speaking of Sting, Danny Paradise’s yoga students include Sting, Madonna, Eddie Vedder, Paul Simon and Mickey Hart! Paul Simon, Edie Brickell and Sting add a little bit of their magic to several tracks. The lyrical content is poetic, spiritual, even trippy! Portions of the CD’s proceeds go to Witness, a human rights organization that provides video cameras to document human rights abuses around the planet. Danny Paradise is a luminous citizen of the world, a traveler fully connected to the Source.”

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