King Sunny Ade
Seven Degrees North

  • Suku Suku Bam Bam
  • Appreciation
  • Ode Ma Ti P’Ogidam Soko
  • Solution
  • Ogidam O Ni Se Barber
  • Ariya
  • Merciful God
  • Sijuade
  • Congratulations
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King Sunny Ade
All Music Guide calls King Sunny Ade “the undisputed king of juju music.” His Seven Degrees North (named after the position of Lagos relative to the equator) is an album that’s brimming with hope – full of songs of celebration, honoring God (Appreciation) an ancient Yoruba king (Sijuade) and the musician’s fans (Ariya). Ade and his band fuse together western pop and traditional African music by way of a contagious blend of synthesizers and electric guitars. Get up and dance!”


“Named for the position of Lagos relative to the equator, King Sunny Ade’s “Seven Degrees North” is an optimistic album, buoyed by what the liner notes call “a heavy new rhythm of democracy.”
Washington Post

“The James Brown band in a triple exposure.”
New York Times

“King Sunny Ade is the undisputed king of juju music, the dance-inspiring hybrid of western pop and traditional African music with roots in the guitar tradition of Nigeria. Although he’s yet to equal the success that he enjoyed with his early-1980s albums and American tours, Ade and his band, His African Beats, continue to weave an infectious blend of electric guitars, synthesizers and multi-layered percussion…”
All Music Guide

“The jubilation of freedom rings buoyantly throughout….a gorgeous salutation to God, music, freedom and African pride.”

“His finest and most uniformly inspired domestically released recording in many years.”

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