The Amazing California Health And Happiness Roadshow
The Mermen
The Amazing California Health And Happiness Road Show

  • White Trash Raga
  • Merry Go Round
  • Miki’s Lush Beehive
  • Sway
  • Walking The Peach
  • Emmylou Rides Clarence West And Then South
  • To Be Naked And French Is Always Hard
  • Bare White
  • Little Stinky Kitty
  • Sponge Cookie
  • Heart Beatitude
  • Burn
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The Mermen
The Mermen have thrilled their fervent and loyal fans and drawn vast amounts of critical attention with The Amazing California Health and Happiness Road Show. This is The Mermen at their “surf & psychedelic” best. “The Mermen play an extreme brand of surf music; the trebly turbulent and black minor chord moods of guitarist Jim Thomas are like a rough ride on the icy seas of the mid-Atlantic”, raves Rolling Stone Magazine, while Jerry McCulley at says that, “if Hendrix were alive today he might well be sitting in with them on these moody, musically expansive tracks.”


“…a trippy collection of post-Dead reverb-rich melodies. This is a good meditative album, best played at a party — and definitely one of the more interesting collections of ambient music…With all the unusual musical accents and pristine…guitar work on this disc, it isn’t a bad collection to use if you are going to buy a new stereo and need to test-drive it.”
New York Post

“…the album’s pinnacle is an extended psychedelic rambling, here called ‘Burn,’ which closes out another treat from one of rock’s most impressive instrumental bands”

“…(Thomas) builds crashing waves of sound that would do Pink Floyd proud. Thomas’ unique vision has never sounded better than this…a sterling set of tone poems that swell up like the sea itself…the psychedelia dominates…Far from the calculating, cultivated rock so common these days, Road Show is a tour de force by an inspired musician following his own vision.”
Joel Selvin –The San Francisco Chronicle

“Surf music that doesn’t seem antiquated is damn rare. That the Mermen’s CD is both faithful to the old wave plus fresh and high-minded–in a very literal way–is a near miracle…what’s really terrific is the scope of Mermen guitarist/composer Jim Thomas’ studio vision. He has a knack for orchestration comparable to Hendrix’s…It’s not just sound; it’s cinemascope.”
Ted Drozdowski — CMJ New Music Monthly

“I may be sticking my neck out here, but this is the best ‘surf’ record I’ve ever heard. It is a true journey into the realm in which we live. This San Francisco band has delivered a masterpiece that negates space and time…Psychedelic and obsessive in its quest, it relegates the ‘new’ breed of surf bands to the back of the bus. If there’s ever an ‘Endless Summer 3’, the soundtrack is already done.”
Tim D.-Surfing Magazine

“The Amazing California Health and Happiness Road Show is a truly great guitar album, and one of the best instrumental discs I’ve heard in many years. Usually pegged as a psychedelic surf-rock band, the trio demonstrates on this disc the inadequacy of that moniker…This is a great album featuring a player that’s got technique, tone, imagination and a great rhythm section.”
Relix Magazine-Jazziz

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